The Biggo Ovni

The Biggo Ovni

Big Ovni SwingToday Dynamo Playgrounds is introducing our newest Biggo Swing:  the Biggo Ovni

See it in action here:

As the newest addition to our revolutionary line of multi-user swings, this innovative swing will ensure a new flight of interactive play for users of all abilities.

Users can sit, stand or lie down while riding the large saucer-like seat all over through its full 360 degrees of exciting motion. Unlike a traditional tire swing, this unique motion and seat construction cradles the riders within the dish, providing a safe yet exhilarating experience.

Built with play value in mind, 1 to 4 users at a time can enjoy each seat on this ride that helps develop balance and equilibrium and promotes physical and social activity.

Information, spec sheets and drawings of the BIGGO OVNI are now ready to be downloaded from our Dynamo RepNET.