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Playground Fundraising Ideas

What is the best fundraiser for your school playground?

Playground fundraising is one of the most challenging obligations any school PTA/PTO or church can take on. Finding the balance between time, energy, and overall fit given your school’s region and resources and maximizing them is a science. An average sized commercial playground for a school of 1,200 students will cost close to $50,000. That’s $41.67 per child! Fortunately, the Fundraising Success E-book Suite takes all of the pain out of the research process for determining the best fundraising ideas.  Kimberly Reynolds has reviewed over 170 fundraiser ideas that work for schools, churches, daycares and non-profits and quantified each of these to determine the best overall performers. To view the complete list of over 250 pages and 170 products, in addition to the 300 pages of supplier profiles by category and a whopping authoritative guide to fundraising, visit Fundraising Success and scroll to the link on the left address bar to “My Book” to gain instant access to the e-book suite. This is THE definitive guide to school fundraising. Continue reading

Worldwide Sources Kiwanis International Foundation

Worldwide Sources Kiwanis International Foundation

This multimillion dollar foundation provides grants to thousands of organizations worldwide aimed at bettering the lives of children. The Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees meets officially three times per year. Grant requests from throughout the world are reviewed at these meetings. Because funds are limited and needs are great, priority is given to programs that are Kiwanis-family related, national or international in scope, serve young children, and are consistent with Kiwanis International objectives. Funding for these grants is made possible from the generous contributions to the Foundation’s Annual Club Gift Campaign and Kiwanis Children’s Fund, among other donations. For information and applications log onto: 

New York Halcyon Hill Foundation Grants

New York Halcyon Hill Foundation Grants

The foundation makes grants in Rochester NY for the following: • to ensure the well-being of young children, including their education  • arts activities for preschool-aged children
• health and prevention projects  • projects that support innovative social change for young children.  The foundation requests that applicants submit a brief letter of inquiry (at any time) stating the purpose of the grant and the amount requested.  Grants range from $250 to $25,000 each.  The Foundation will invite full proposals based on the letters submitted. Company website is

The Starr Foundation

The Starr Foundation  The Foundation’s giving in the area of human needs is increasing. Over the years, the Foundation has made significant gifts to food programs for the poor, job training, literacy programs, programs for the disabled and programs that provide adequate housing for the underprivileged. The Foundation rarely funds local charities outside of New York City but may fund national organizations that serve communities outside of New York.

Quality Healthy Foundations Grants

Quality Healthy Foundations Grants Funding for programs that demonstrate improved health care delivery, quality and outcomes from a consumer’s perspective. Priority areas include:
• Improved treatment through the use of “best practices”  • Improved access to health care services  • Improved communication of health knowledge
Types of projects QHF might fund include: Promotion of healthy lifestyles and quality of life 

The Abell Foundation


The Abell Foundation  Serving the needs of the disadvantaged in the Baltimore community and the region is what drives The Abell Foundation’s grantmaking efforts. The Foundation focuses on public and private educational institutions, human services organizations and programs, and cultural organizations. The Foundation also supports initiatives to conserve Maryland’s economically significant and endangered natural resources.

Kansas Sunflower Foundation

Kansas  Sunflower Foundation Walking Trails Grants Under this Funding Category, the Sunflower Foundation is seeking projects that bring together public and private support to construct walking trails as a means to increase physical activity among Kansans. Grant funds may be used for Walking Trails building materials only. Funded Walking Trails are generally expected to be at least ¼ mile in length.  This RFP targets two types of applicants:    Community-based (i.e. organizations interested in building walking trails in a community setting); and     School-based (i.e. schools or school districts interesting in building a walking trail on school property). Priority funding consideration will be given to organizations/projects that have not received a prior Sunflower Foundation Walking Trails grant.

Colorado Great Outdoors Colorado

Colorado Great Outdoors Colorado
Established in 1992, Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund (GOCO) receives its funding solely through Lottery revenues. GOCO uses proceeds to fund open space, local parks and recreation, state parks, wildlife protection, and environmental projects. More than $338.8 million has been distributed to GOCO through the end of 2003. Many playgrounds have been built or updated through the lottery fund donations.