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Playground Safety in Georgia, What Do You Need to Know?

While the national safety standards for playground equipment as established by ASTM and CPSC are still considered as “voluntary standards”, each state may have its own criteria. The Childinjurylawyerblog has a great summary of Georgia daycare center playground rules and regulations.

You can download the Georgia Daycare Center Playground Area Standards here. The outdoor play area requirements begin on page 3.

Here’s a reference to an evaluation of Georgia daycare center playgrounds that likely led to the adoption of these facility standards. Atlanta playground hazards in childcare centers

Georgia does not recognize a national standard for playground equipment, according to the National Program of Playground Safety.  They’ve included a list of State Regulations for Playground Safety Standards.

In addition, the Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board does not license general contractors or specialty contractors such as playground contractors. In order to do business in this state, you will need to contact the local city or county where work is to be performed. Website:

For a Licensing Requirements for Contractors In Your State.

Your best solution is to find a reputable vendor, design consultant, and installer that is NPSI certified.  The equipment should also be IPEMA certified, and the design and access should all meet ADAAG (accessibility standards).  If you are planning a playground in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky or North Carolina and would like assistance, please contact us at .

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