How To Compare Playground Designs

How To Compare Playground Designs

Comparing your playground designs

Be sure your playground incorporates as many play experiences as possible.  Remember, it isn’t always the number of play events that are on a play structure that make it a good value, but the value of the play itself.

Comparing your playground equipmentAs an example, let’s compare Playground A vs.  Playground B

Playground A contains a 2 each  3′ tall slides;  3s each 3′ foot climbers;   Arched Bridge; 4 foot slide and 2 activity panels for a total of 9 activities. Playground B has a 72″  slide, 7″ Arch Climber, 48″ Triple Rail Slide, 48″ Tree Climber, 42″ Sliding Pole, 42″ Straight Slide, 90 degree monkey bars, and a motion-orieinted Syclone Spinner accessible from the ground.  Although B also has 9 activities, it costs $1000 less, and offers the better value for kids between the ages of 5-12 years of age.  Why? Children have slides and climbers at three different deck heights on Playground B.  It also has motion incorporated; and imaginative play that accompanies the unique play experiences of the arch climbers and Syclone Spinerl.  Although Playground A has more capacity and room for activities,  the lower level climbers and slides don’t challenge kids and continue to want to return.  Don’t forget to reference the Fundraising Resources page on the top right tab, for products and resources to help you with your playground fundraiser.  If you are located in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, or Kentucky and would like assistance in designing your playground in addition to stretching your existing playground budget, please contact us at

Playground A
Playground B
Slides 2 @ 3′; 1 @ 4′ tube’ deck heights 3 total, 72″, 48″, 42″
Climbers Bedrock, rung ladder, arch 90 degree, tree climber, arch, sliding pole
Panels Store Front, Driving Panel Panel Ladder
Bridge Arch Bridge
Notes 3 slides 48″ or lower Active Series Syclone Spinner
Age Group 5-12 yrs
5-12 yrs
Total Components 9 9
Price $13,808 $12,776