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Commercial Playgrounds

Playland lives up to its name with a veritable world of popular play structures for children ages two to 12 to enjoy.

Safety Surfacing

Korkat and Outdoor Safety Surfacing can provide all of your playground unitary surface needs from the ground up.

Shade Structures

Stay cool, stay safe and stay protected with Superior Shade products from KorKat.

Indoor playgrounds

Indoor playgrounds from KorKat offer children a unique combination of fun, exploration and exercise no matter what the weather c…

Picnic Shelters

Shades of the “good old days” when neighbors and communities got together at the gazebo on the town green—but with today’s techn…

Dog Parks

Dogs just want to have fun, too! KorKat offers a special product line of playground equipment just for entertaining and exercising your canine friends.

Playground Parts

KorKat offers complete back-up support for its unique playgrounds that combine fun, imagination, and exercise no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Exercise Equipment

Now fitness aficionados can have fun and keep in shape at the same time with our complete line of Superior SHAPE outdoor exercise equipment

Site Amenities

When selecting long-lasting, corrosive-resistant site amenities, dealing with KorKat is a walk in the park since we offer the Webcoat brand coated outdoor f…

Sports Equipment

When it comes to park and recreation equipment, KorKat’s got game!

SRP Skyspan | PVC Umbrellas

You have it made in the shade with the unique line of Skypan umbrella structures: innovative designs, simplicity, and affordabil…

Splash Parks

Water, Water everywhere - KORKAT designs keep kids and parents happy with what is probably the most creative and comprehensive l…

Water Slides

The nostalgia of “The Old Swimmin’ Hole” has been replaced by the space age technology of water slides - and the fun has never b…

ADA Equipment

At KorKat, we specialize in designing accessible playgrounds for any custom site.


When it comes to seating for your park, school, university or sports enterprise, you win by being a member of the All Star Bleac…

Skate Parks

The ever-growing popular sport of skate boarding has evolved since its inception in the 1970’s into thrill-seeking, organized co…