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Commercial Shade Structures distributed by KorKat, Inc.

Commercial Shade Structures distributed by KorKat, Inc.

Shade structures offer great protection from overexposure to UV rays and discomfort from elements when enjoying the outdoors.  Commercial shade structures are an affordable alternative to wood or steel structures.  In addition to protecting your skin, tension membrane structures offer protection from foul balls, cover from rain up to 80%, heat by up to 20 degrees, and block up to 97% of UV rays.

Commercial shade structures can be built into or over existing playground equipment; over bleachers; parking lots and car washes; water parks and over pool decks; picnic areas; or over sidewalks/walkways, or any outdoor gathering places.

Superior Shades offer a number of benefits compared to most other manufacturers.  The tensioned fabric will not stretch or flap in heavy winds as a result of wind stress.  It’s unique optional glide elbow is a release mechanism to easily remove the fabric for storing during the off-season or during inclimate weather. The fabric itself is warranted against fade resistance in addition to being fire-retardant. The shade fabric is offered in fourteen colors and is also mildew and rot resistant.

There aren’t many areas that can’t be covered by shade given the variety of options.  For example, a traditional square or rectangle shade is ideal for picnic areas, pools and pool decks, playground enclosure, bleachers, dugouts or concession areas.

Cantilever shades are suspended on two posts and can extend up to 24’ out over parking areas, sidewalks or walkways, pool decks.

Polygons are available in five, six, or eight sides and perfect for picnic areas, playground equipment, or over a water park or splash park

In addition to traditional shades, modular shade structures can be integrated into playground equipment as a canopy, or offer cover to swing seats, and individual benches and tables.

Shade sails are the ultimate in terms of flexibility and functionality.  The variety of designs are endless offer a … In addition to being utilized for traditional environments such as playgrounds, picnic areas, water parks, shade sails can also be used for amphitheaters, sports fields, and spectator seating areas.