Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls

What climbing walls do we offer?
We offer a variety of climbing wall styles, including:
• Traverse Walls, or horizontal climbing walls
• Playground Climbing Walls
• Aquatic or Pool Climbing Walls
What is our most popular climbing wall option?
Our most popular option is the Traverse Wall ®. WHAT IS A TRAVERSE/HORIZONTAL CLIMBING WALL? A Traverse Wall ® is climbed horizontally, not vertically. Panels are 8’ or 10’ tall and the walls come in varying lengths. The fun and challenge is making it from one side to the other, rather than to the top. Traverse Walls ® require no ropes, harnesses or special equipment and feature all-age inclusion. Standard size packages are from 20-40 feet, however, we can extend as long as required.


TRAVERSE WALL (Horizontal climbing wall)
Get everything you need to start youth climbing the walls! Our Traverse Wall Packages are a great value that include everything handholds, pads, panels, and attachment hardware. Each Traverse Wall is built from 4’ x 8’ panels that are offered in a variety of styles. Included on each panel are 20 color-coded Hand Holds. Green hand holds are the largest and easiest to grasp; yellow hand holds are medium-to-large sized and offer a moderate challenge; and red are the smallest hand holds and are the most difficult to grasp. The variety of hand holds allows climbers to choose their desired level of challenge. Standardized bolt lengths simplify mounting and remounting hand holds. *Superior Rock panels are 4’ x 4’ and are combined to create 4’ x 8’ sections.




STANDARD WALL PACKAGE A Standard Wall features a granite-like look and feel. Each 4’ x 8’ panel comes with 20 patented Hand Holds and 66 preset placement options. A 10’ high version and a Fire Retardant upgrade are available.
ADAPTIVE TRAVERSE WALL PACKAGE The Adaptive Climbing Wall, with its companion Activity Guide, can help instructors effectively include youth with special needs in their climbing program. The smooth, Dry-Erase and magnet accepting surface can be written on and accepts magnets. The grab-bar style hand holds and ledge-style foot holds provide stability and extra support.
Available in two heights: 6’ and 8


The Adaptive Climbing Wall is ideal for:
• adapted or inclusive physical education
• occupational therapy
• physical therapy
Adaptive Climbing Walls benefits:
• Provide opportunities to develop balance, body awareness, muscle strength, motor planning and more.
• Climbing provides proprioceptive input to improve sensory integration.
• Adaptive Traverse Wall is well suited for special education classes where learning and movement can be integrated and problem solving, visual attention and concentration can be improved.
Climb, Splash, Repeat. Add adventure to your aquatic area with a poolside climbing wall. Kersplash™ is suited for indoor or outdoor use and is available in two panel styles.
• Kersplash™ Crystal Clear™ complements any aquatic center and offers visibility to areas behind the wall.
• Kersplash™ Color makes a bold visual statement with brightly colored panels.
• Both styles are made from UV- and chlorine-resistant materials and feature red, yellow and orange Hand Holds. The Kersplash™ frame is constructed of high-quality, 100 % stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion.
Anatomy of a Hand Hold:
• Specially designed for children; tendon–friendly and easy to grip
• Hybrid resin makes holds strong and durable
• Standardized bolt length and type make mounting and remounting holds easy
• Special Round Relief Texture™ is designed for comfort
• Hand Holds are bolted into 5/8” mechanically-fastened T-nuts that are attached to the climbing wall panels with screws. Most panels come with 66 T-nuts. This allows for moving holds and adding additional hand holds.
Cordless Mat Locking System:
• Prevent the unauthorized use of your Traverse Wall ® with our revolutionary Mat Locking® System.
• This CORDLESS version is easy to use; simply hang the nylon webbing loops on the specially-designed holds, push up the red security latch and lock with a few turns of the security bolt.
• Mats Velcro ® to one another and attach to the base of the wall with nylon tabs.
• A “No Climbing” decal is printed on the outer side to serve as notice that the wall is closed.
• Installation required. *Exclusively available with 20’ or 40’ Wall Packages.
A Top Rope Wall is a vertical climbing wall that requires a harness and a safety rope that anchors at the top. This type of wall is best suited for adolescent to adult climbers since a partner (belayer) is responsible for the safety of the climber through managing the safety rope. Top Rope Climbing Walls provide vast opportunities for climbing skill development, positive risk taking, team building and trust building. Special equipment and training are required for this type of climbing wall and are included in Everlast Climbing’s package. Korkat partners directly with our climbing wall partner team to assure expert design, assembly, installation, and maintenance support.


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